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We do create variety of garments - Men, Women and Baby/Kids Wear.

  • Trousers and catsuits

  • Dresses, Top, Skirts, Scarfs

  • Jackets, Lady Suits, Vests and Shirts

  • Pyjamas, Nightwear and Homewear

  • Jumpsuits and more

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Patterns & Toile fitting

One garment from the start

Pattern cutting in the fashion industry is the process of taking a design and making it into fabric. The role of a pattern cutter is to interpret your design, put it onto paper/card, or in digital form so it can then be made into fabric of your choice. 

Price: Each design is priced individually, including the toile, fitting and pattern correction. Pattern and grading price list available on request. 

What is needed to obtain a quotation: tech packs, readable sketches, photos or physical samples of garments.

* Book a visit and bring your design with you or send digital file to our email.

* We never offer standard pattern blocks for reuse or resell purposes. We create each pattern from scratch based on your design requirements. 

Process: We create your pattern and a toile by using calico fabric. We do a fitting on a fit model of your choice or on an industry - standard mannequin. We amend the toile during the toile fitting and apply fit changes to the draft pattern by finalising it. 

Gradings: We create gradings on request 

Clothes on Hanger


One garment

Whether you're supplying your own patterns or we are developing them for you, our experienced seamstresses and studio manager are here to create your perfectly finished buyer ready final samples. 

Price: Each design is priced individually. Our hourly rate available on request. 

What is needed to obtain a quotation: pattern, tech packs, readable sketches, photos, physical samples of garments and fabric.

Adjustment: We can made your sample from the pattern that you have presented to us or we can create your pattern too. Adjustments on patterns is free of charge, we want to make sure that our clients walk out with a happy face and well made garment.

* We do not keep stock of ready-made samples for you to choose from. Each and every sample is made to order from your design. Should you wish to check the quality we offer, visit the client page to view the full range of clothing we make.

* We always keep our client's sample confidential and privet. If necessary we sign a non-discloser agreement on request.

Clothing Rack

CMT Production

Cut - Make -Trim

CMT (Cut, Make, Trim) tends to work best for new designers or designers who already have a line of products and have making them on a small scale. These entrepreneurs and designer already know the material, stitching and tools but are looking to now produce larger quantities.

Our factories will produce your product from start-to-finish. We cut the fabric, sew fabric, and attach the trimming such as hangtags, buttons, labels etc. Some CMT factories may subcontract some of the work, but typically we are managing the entire production process. However when it comes to product and brand development, Sophia sampling & production may be what you need.

Price: Each style is priced individually based on the design and quantity. Production discount start from 5% per piece up to 55% less than the sampling price.  The final CMT price can be confirmed via an official quotation you receive when placing an order.  

How many can produce per a week? We produce about 100+ garments per a week.

MOQs: we produce from 5-500 garments per order. Order less than 5 garments quantity are charged at a regular sampling price.

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Clothing Repair & Alterations

Pricing Guidelines

Top-quality, swift, and affordable clothing alterations and repairs. Experience the best in London with our expert tailoring services!

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Digital Design & Print

Everything that you need for your brand


Custom Clothing Labels & Logo Design

Design & Printing

Elevate your brand identity with our bespoke clothing label and logo design services. Whether you're starting a new fashion line or refreshing an existing brand, our creative team will work with you to craft a unique and memorable logo. Our high-quality custom labels add a professional touch to your garments, ensuring your brand stands out.

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Website Design & E-commerce Solutions

Online Store & Apps

Step into the digital marketplace with our website design services. We specialize in creating visually stunning and user-friendly websites tailored to showcase your brand. From portfolio sites to full-fledged online stores, our web design team will build an online presence that captures your brand's essence and engages customers. Plus, with our e-commerce solutions, setting up an online store is seamless, enabling you to sell your products globally.

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