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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

Our Minimum Order Quanity (MOQ) is one garment. Ideal for bespoke orders, made-to-order business models or start in designers.

How do I place an order with you?

In five easy steps:

Send a quotation request

Receive a quotation within 24 hours

Pay a deposit

Arrange a fitting and a collection/delivery date

Pay the balance and collect or we will deliver instead

What do you need from me to give me a quotation?

All we need is answers to the below questions:

  • Do you already have the patterns? If not, we can create those for you

  • Do you have the patterns graded or shall we grade them here?

  • What fabric do you intend to use for the garment(s)

  • How many units per size and colour do you require in the same style to be made?

  • When do you plan to start production?

  • When is your deadline?

Note: production quotation is different from individual sampling quotation. See the next question.


Do you offer a block patterns?

We do not offer block pattern services. Each and every pattern we create is made from scratch for every client. We never sell or reuse one pattern for more than one client

Do you offer pattern alterations? Will you sew the garment for me if I have the pattern ready?

Yes! Simply provide all details of alterations you require for an accurate quotation. 
Yes! Provide us with the pattern and clear instructions (tech pack, CAD, sketch or a list of notes).

What fabric do you use for toiling? Do I need to provide my own fabric? Do you supply fabrics?

Calico is the most popular choice for muslin/toile creation. However, we always select the fabric nearest to your garment's quality. For example, if you order a silk chiffon dress, we will use an inexpensive alternative nearest to the quality of your dress's fabric. You can always deliver your own toiling fabric instead.

For your sample you must deliver your own fabric as WE DO NOT SUPPLY FABRIC AT THE MOMENT.

We may be able to help you find fabric or recommend you a place where to look for if you get in touch with us. 


Do you require a teck packs to quote a first sample/pattern price?

Tech packs are the best way to deliver a clear message about the garment specifications, measurements, etc. However, we can quote a price based on:

>Accurate sketch with clear instructions


>Inspirational photo

>Physical garment nearest to the desired style

How much cost to do PATTERN, GRADING, SAMPLE AND PRODUCTION? Can I use only one service or must buy the full service?

THE PATTERN price is fixed price based on how many pieces the garment has and what type of garment it is. We will provide you a total guide price before we start altering the pattern so you can make the right decision about placing and order.

THE GRADING Price is fixed price based on the style and pattern pieces of the garment. 

THE SAMPLE  price is subject to £28 per hour. 

THE PRODUCTION price start from 5% per piece up to 55% less than the sampling price. Depending on few factors that you can see bellow.

You can order ANY service you need. Be it a minor pattern/garment alteration or a CMT production. 

How much does is cost to sew one garment?

The cost of one garment manufacturing depends on a number of factors:

  • Garment style

  • Fabric selected for the final product

  • Number or garment(s) per style, size and colour

To get a quotation for your design, please contact us


Am I responsible for collecting my garments and is that important!

We encourage designers to be actively involved in the process by visiting our studio to follow up on the production. This ensures that any adjustments or corrections can be made in real-time, leading to a seamless outcome. To achieve this, we kindly request that you carefully inspect and review the garments on the collection day. This ensures that any potential issues or adjustments can be addressed promptly, thus minimizing the risk of future problems or additional costs.

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How much I need to pay to start making my garments?

To start making your garments we require 50% of the total order sum upfront.

Can I collect the garments and pay later?

Unfortunately, we do not offer credit account openings. All orders have to be paid for before garments are collected/sent out. No garments will be released if the balance has not been cleared.

Late payments and overdue invoices.

New orders:

It is best if you process the initial 50% payment in advance to give us enough time to create the patterns, cut and make the toile for the fitting. If you have been given a fitting date and have not processed the initial 50% payment or processed it shortly before the appointment, we will not have enough time to cut the patterns and make the toile. We will start working on your garment after you paid the first half which means delays in initial payments may mean the need to reschedule your toile fitting.

Ready orders:

We have a 'Payment Before Collection' policy which helps us reduce delayed payments to minimal. Kindly note that ready items will not be released until the balance is cleared. Late invoice payments and subject to an administrative charge and interest on balance.


Do you work with start up fashion brands?

Yes! We work with emerging designers on a regular basis and have the necessary expertise to guide you in the right direction to ensure your first collection is made to the highest standards.

What's involved in turning my collection into reality?

  • Design

  • Pick fabrics

  • Decide on trims

  • Create pattern

  • Fit a toile

  • Finalise pattern

  • Sew sample

  • Approve sample

  • Grade patterns

  • Deside on production size and amount breakdown

  • Produce

  • Collect

  • Sell and make a profit!

What's included in First Sample Development Price?

  • Creation of the pattern from scratch

  • Toile fitting with the Head Fitter and Production Manager

  • Toiling fabric

  • Finalising the pattern amid the toile fitting adjustments

  • Sewing of the garment ready to wear


How can I receive my items once they are ready?

We offer two types of services:

  • Collection in-store - FREE

  • Delivery to the location - fees apply

  • You can also arrange a courier yourself - FREE

We offer the following delivery services:

Royal Mail Tracked

Royal Mai Next Day Guaranteed

Royal Mail International Tracked, DHL, UPS, DPD, Parcel Force

Same-day courier delivery (available in London only)

Do you manufacture labels?

No. We have a list of suppliers on our Recommended Suppliers database where you may possibly find what you are looking for. This Database is accessible only for our clients available on request.

How do you insure every garment you produce matches the requested standard?

​We strive to deliver the highest quality garments to our clients. Our Sample Machinists have years of hands-on experience in making clothing from start to finish rather than doing piece work. Every Sample Machinist signs their name on the garment docket so we know who made what. We can always return to the person who made this garment and ask her to apply changes if need be.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions...

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