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S Sampling London is a clothing manufacturer that remains family run and has developed to be able to provide full range of pattern making, sampling and production.

  • Patterns & Toile fitting

  • Sampling

  • CMT Production

  • Personalised Alterations

  • Clothing Fixing & Adjustments

  • Wardrobe Revamp

  • Stylish Outfits ready to wear

  • Accessories


Patterns & Toile fitting

Pattern & Toile fitting are two important stages in the process of creating a garment or piece of clothing. We do adjust the paper or digital pattern to fit the measurements and proportion of the wearer. Our goal is to create a customised pattern that will produce a well-fitting garment for the wearer.

Suit Fabric


Creating a prototype of a garment or accessory using a similar fabric and construction techniques to what will be used in the final product. This prototype can then be evaluated for fit, quality, and design details , and any necessary adjustments can be made before production of the final product.

CMT Production

Cut, Make and Trim, which is a type of production process used in the fashion industry. CMT production, the fabric is provided by the client or customer, and our manufacture is responsible for cutting the fabric, making the garment or accessory, and adding any necessary finishing touches.

Clothing Rack

Our clients

Our production is often used by small to medium-sized fashion companies or designers who want to maintain control over the quality of their products while outsourcing the manufacturing process. by providing the fabric and overseeing the production process, they can ensure that the final product meets their standards and specifications.

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Suite S4, Sterling House,

Langston Road, Loughton

IG10 3TS, United Kingdom 

+44 7340 706 545


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